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Mattress is important for ensuring a good and peaceful sleep

Choosing a mattress is important for ensuring a good and peaceful sleep. Here are some suggestions:


1. Material: choose a mattress made of high-quality materials, such as memory foam mattress, latex mattress, coconut mattress, sheep's wool mattress, to ensure comfort and durability.

2. Memory foam. Memory foam mattress perfectly reduces pressure on the body and follows the contours of your body.

3. Firmness: choose a mattress that matches your personal firmness needs. Someone needs a harder mattress HARLI or a mattress BIO, and someone can choose a softer mattress ALMA or NATURE PLUSS.

4. Universal solution - double mattress. Internet store MEB24.lv offers IMPERIAL mattresses or BRAVE mattresses, where one side of the mattress is hard and the other is soft. Thus, choose for yourself the greatest comfort for sleep or sleep. In the online store MEB24.lv, you can order any mattress, with any degree of firmness, as well as double-sided mattresses with delivery to Riga and Latvia.

5. Size: make sure that the mattress fits your bed and bed. The mattress must sit completely inside the bed. Before ordering mattresses in the online store MEB24.lv, measure the dimensions of the bed.

6. Try: Before you buy a mattress, you can try it on in a store, in the MEB24.LV store at Riga, Mazā metnu 31, you can try it on to make sure it's comfortable and meets the requirements.

7. Warranty and warranty. Get to know the information about the mattress warranty and service life. A quality mattress with pocket spring filling from the MEB24.LV online store is a long-term investment in your health. Mattresses with POKET spring filling and coconut – very high-quality mattresses. Manufacturer's warranty – 15 years.

8. Allergy. If you have an allergy, pay attention to the material of the mattress and choose a hypoallergenic and easy-to-clean mattress. MEB24.lv offers mattresses with a removable cover.

9. Price comparison. Compare prices and offers from different manufacturers and stores to find the best price without forgetting the quality. The online store MEB24.lv has quality mattresses at a good price.

10. Coating: MEB24.lv mattresses have a good coating, so they are easy to clean and keep fresh.

11. Remember your personal sleep habits. For example, those who sleep on their back may choose a more rigid mattress, and those who sleep on their side may prefer a softer mattress.



Internet-magazin MEB24.lv advises not to forget that a mattress is an investment in your health and everyday well-being. Use these recommendations to find the mattress that best suits your needs and will ensure a restful and comfortable sleep.

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